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  • CM333-ico

    This tyre delivers outstanding traction, long even wear and advanced casing design to ensure durability. An extra wide, self cleaning and full depth tread design provides improved water evacuation, lateral stability. A strong shoulder block ensures a flat even wear on all types of application with shallow lug grooves on shoulder to minimize shoulder heal and toe. Stone ejection groove design provides a more durable casing life for retreadability by minimizing damage to the casing.


  • CM958-ico

    Multiple gripping edges slice through water and road films for a solid grip. Four wide continuous rib design help resist tread squirm and heel-and-tow wear for exceptionally long tread life. Three circumferential grooves help deliver all-season traction on wet or dry road. Closed shoulder design helps promote even wear throughout the tyre life.


  • CM983-ico

    Wide and deep tread helps to promote even wear and long tread life resulting in low cost per mile. Solid close shoulder ribs help to improve even wear. Three deep grooves evacuate water efficiently for traction. Strong casing resists cuts and punctures for enhanced toughness and long casing life.


  • AD733-ico

    Premium five-rib tread provides outstanding handling for steer application. Decoupling grooves prevent uneven tread wear and ensure long tread life for long distance. travelling Wide and deep tread guarantee longer mileage with affordable cost and remarkable value .


  • CM335-ico

    Designed to provide exceptional Performance and Life in Linehaul Drive applications. Large block design helps enhance handling and traction on all season highway conditions. Tread bars maintain an even footprint and help prevent tyre squirm. Cool running compound to promote longer life, Great CPK performer.




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