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ZC Rubber Thailand to hold opening ceremony


PATTAYA, Thailand— The opening ceremony of ZC Rubber Thailand is to be held on June 29, 2015 in Pattaya, Thailand. Mr. Shen Jinrong, President of ZC Rubber, will cut ribbon for the new factory.

The factory is located in China Zone Second Phase, Amata City Industrial Park in Rayong, covering 570,000 square meters. Hundreds of distributors and customers from all over the world, such as The United States, Brazil, The British, Singapore, Pakistan, will attend the big event and celebrate with ZC Rubber together in Thailand. They are pleasure to witness the significant moment in ZC Rubber’s history.

Actually, the building factory is the sign that ZC Rubber puts its strategical policy “overseas production, overseas sales” into practice. Thailand accounts for 70% of global rubber production, so that the price change of rubber raw materials in the international market will have less effect on the ZC Rubber. There is no doubt that it is a critical milestone tending towards further internationalization not only for ZC Rubber itself but also for the tire enterprises of China.



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    Improved tyre structure compared to competitor for longer tyre life and more comfort ride. Special compound offers remarkable tyre traction.

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  • RP28-ico


    A comfortable ride premium touring tyre. Computer aided designed tread offering low noise and excellent water drainage. SILICA TECH compounding technology ensuring low rolling resistance and saving fuel expenditure. Improved shoulder sipes providing better handling during cornering.

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    Bold, off-road attitude combined with exceptional on-road performance. Staggered center blocks create more biting edges helping improve off-road performance. Studdable for outstanding traction and braking performance on snow and icy roads.

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    Wide tread and multi-stepped grooves increase surface area of tread to enhance traction on both on and off roads. Zig-zag grooves offers efficient water drainage and enhanced traction on wet road. Large tread blocks help enhanced stability and handling with less noise on highway. Aggressive sidewall protectors increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall cut and abrasions.

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    All season, comfort ride tyre designed for highway application. Asymmetric tread design provides various functions in different parts and enables a quieter ride.

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    Ideal H/T tyre integrated outstanding on-road comfort and wet traction safety as a whole. Four longitude grooves combined with wind sipes ensure excellent water evacuation and wet traction performance. SILICA TECH adopted for better wet grip as well as low rolling resistance. Re-constructed steel bead wire improves driving comfort effectively.

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